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Thank you for visiting our site. If you are reading this, you are considering a new career opportunity. This process is not easy. You have many different factors to consider.  I want to make your decision-making process as easy as possible by being transparent and detailed when describing GSF’s platform.

I've prepared a video specifically for you. Please take a look before you review the rest of the page. I am honored to have an opportunity to work with you and will make myself available for any questions or discussion you may need to make an informed decision. Thank you for visiting and I look forward to speaking with you.


All the best,

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OWN THE LOAN - The GSF Mortgage culture is all about “Own The Loan.” A motto that is more than just words on a t-shirt or a hashtag on a blog post. Own The Loan—a statement, mantra, and a hashtag—is an assurance that every member of the GSF Mortgage team is focused on creating the best experience possible for its borrowers and stakeholders. There is no pass-the-buck mentality found in Own The Loan. Our team success is predicated on closing loans safely, profitably and on time.

FOR US... BY US - At GSF Mortgage our entire platform has been designed and maintained by former sales professionals—the"OGs" of the mortgage industry. Our founders began their careers as Loan Originators. Our Chief Operating Officer and just about every executive position is filled with individuals with similar sales backgrounds and humble beginnings. We solve every problem, design every solution, and process all with our sales teams in mind. We have been passionate about the service we provide for nearly 25 years and will continue to be for the next 25 and beyond.

NO LOAN LEFT BEHIND - Our focus is on mortgages, and we take great strides to ensure every product is available to serve our borrowers and referral partners with speed and efficiency. GSF Mortgage, just like you, only earns an income when loans close—a governing idea we never forget. Our organization has one of the largest product suites in the industry, however, we never lose focus on mortgage fundamentals. 

GSF Mortgage is a Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac direct seller and servicer and a Ginnie Mae securities issuer and we have direct access to the agencies we service the loans we originate. Take a look at our product suite below, as it is something we hold in high regard and have worked diligently to maintain.

THE FOCUS IS ON YOU - Make no mistake: GSF Mortgage's success is a direct result of our sales team’s success. All of our internal efforts are to make your life as a salesperson more efficient, more informed, better trained and armed with better products. Our technology and marketing is current and innovative and we develop programs to enhance the borrower's experience and allow you to close more loans with less effort. You will have access to every individual in every position in the company, which is often unheard of in similar-sized companies. We encourage communication and coloration with our underwriting and management teams to streamline your needs and to better assist you at becoming a successful member of our team.

WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE - You will close more loans on time and make more money, all while using our system of success. Plain and simple.




 4-1 What Makes GSF Special?


Finance First Pre Approval Program 

Our Finance First program is a fully underwritten pre-approval of your borrower prior to shopping for a property. The benefits: You have a rock-solid approval of the borrower side of the transaction. All income, asset, down payment details have been approved. Your borrower automatically qualifies for a free appraisal up to $500 if they sign a contract within 30 days of the approval. This expense is completely covered by corporate 

Serve & Support Benefit

GSF Mortgage offers a predetermined credit to borrowers that meet the employment criteria to be used toward reducing closing costs or interest rate. The benefit is offered to Veterans, Law enforcement, Fire Fighters, Teachers, Emergency Medical Technicians, Nurses, TSA & Flight Crew. This is our way of saying thank you to those in the community that selflessly serve others. The expense is completely covered by corporate.

Example: Loan Amount $200,000

Credit: .25%

$200,000 x 0.0025 = $500 Credit

Affinity Partnerships

The Affinity Partnership is a combination of the free appraisal up to $500 following the same criteria as the Finance First Program combined with the .25% Serve and Support Benefit offered to any group of your choosing. This allows you as the originator to target specific referral groups and attract business by offering a special discount they can only access through the relationship with you. 

4-1 Products 


VA Programs

GSF Mortgage offers all eligible VA products under current HUD guidelines. Since GSF Mortgage is an approved Ginnie Mae Securities Issuer we have access to all products, guidelines and native pricing directly from the agency.  


  • Fixed Rate Programs and Adjustable Rate (ARM) Programs 
  • 100% Financing Home Purchase Loans 
  • VA 100% LTV Cash Out  
  • VA IRRRL Loan  
  • VA 100% VA Renovation Loan Purchase and Refinance   
  • VA Single Close Construction Loans  

FHA Programs

GSF Mortgage offers all eligible FHA products under current HUD guidelines. Since GSF Mortgage is an approved Ginnie Mae Securities issuer we have access to all products, guidelines and native pricing directly from the agency.  


  • Fixed Rate Programs and Adjustable Rate (ARM) Programs 
  • Low Down Payment Home Purchase Loans 
  • Streamline Refinance, Rate and Term and Cash Out Loans 
  • 203K Full FHA 203K Documentation and Streamline Rehabilitation Loans  
  • Limited FHA 203K Rehabilitation Loans 
  • Back to Work Program  
  • Reverse Mortgages  
  • Approved Chenoa Down Payment Assistance Programs 
  • E-Housing Down Payment Assistance Programs  
  • State Bond Programs 
  • FHA Single Close Construction Loans 


GSF Mortgage offers all eligible VA products under current HUD guidelines. Since GSF Mortgage is an approved Ginnie Mae Securities Issuer, we have access to all products, guidelines and native pricing directly from the agency.  


  • USDA 100% Financing Home Purchase Loans  
  • USDA Pilot Streamline Refinance Loans 
  • USDA Single Close Construction Loans 

*Single Close Construction  

Our solution to the short inventory in the current market. It is estimated that it will take six years of building at the same pace to fill the demand for housing. This is great news for GSF Mortgage since we are an industry leader for the Single Close Construction Products. We offer it 96.5 LTV for FHA clients, 100% for the VA clients, 100% for USDA clients and 95% for Conventional clients. GSF Mortgage is one of only eleven lenders offering the 95% LTV on the conventional. An amazing feature of this project is the borrower does not need to requalify once the home is finished. Also, the borrower makes no payments during the build — a true one-and-done program for new construction. 

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac 

GSF Mortgage offers all eligible Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac products with absolutely no product overlays.  Since GSF Mortgage is Fannie and Freddie approved seller/servicer we have access to all products, guidelines and native pricing directly from the agencies.  


  • Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate (ARM) Programs 
  • Fannie Mae HomeReady Loan  
  • Fannie Mae Agency High Balance (JUMBO) Loans Note: High Balance is not a Jumbo loan, Jumbo is a separate and different program 
  • Freddie Mac LP Open Access Unlimited LTV 
  • Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance Programs 
  • FirstLow Down Payment Home Purchase Loans 
  • Streamline Refinance, Rate and Term and Cash Out Loans 
  • Fannie Mae HomeStyle Renovation Loan 
  • Fannie Mae No FICO203K Full Documentation and Streamline Rehabilitation Loans 
  • Back to Work Program  
  • Power Purchase 2% GrantReverse Mortgages  
  • Approved Chenoa Down Payment Assistance Program 
  • Freddie Mac HomePossible Program 
  • Freddie Mac HomePossible Advantage Program 
  • Freddie Mac HomeOne Program 
  • Freddie Mac Doctor Program 
  • Fannie Mae DU Refi Plus Unlimited LTV 
  • State Bond Programs  

Jumbo Products

GSF Mortgage has an extensive suite of Jumbo offerings through our exclusive list of Jumbo investors.  


  • Jumbo Home Loans
  • Jumbo Purchase High Loan to Value
  • Jumbo Rate and Term Refinance
  • Low Rate Jumbo Arm Loans
  • High LTV Jumbo with No MI

Alternate Products

GSF Mortgage offers several unique products to meet the needs of our sales teams. We continue to expand our product mix where there is demand. Our goal is to never stand in the way of an origination. If the product exists we will do our best to offer it to you. 

  • Reverse Mortgages Fixed and HELOC
  • Second Lien Products Fixed and HELOC
  • Non-QM including Bank Statement and low documentation loans.
    • Bank Statement Program 
    • Asset Depletion Program 
    • Investor No Ratio Program 
    • Non-Warrantable Condo Program 
    • Residual Income Program

4-1 Overlays 


2019 Underwriting Overlays Flyer (Click Link For PDF File)

Underwriting Overlays 1

Underwriting Overlays 2-1

Single Close Underlays Flyer (Click Link For PDF File)

Single Close Underlays Flyer (1)_Page_1



4-1 Systems

At GSF Mortgage, we offer a Cooperative Style Lending Platform. Our approach is not to take away the essence of the organization but to share operational, legal, underwriting, regulatory and compliance resources. GSF Mortgage offers a suite of systems that helps to streamline the loan process while staying within regulations and compliance. 


Encompass logo 2 png


Encompass is designed to address the challenges of mortgage professionals. Ellie Mae offers a full-featured, start-to-finish solution that automates virtually every step in the mortgage process from processing to closing and funding.  


Optimal Blue Logo

Optimal Blue

Optimal Blue provides managed-content, enterprise lending services that helps navigate the complex mortgage process from capital markets, to point-of-sale and back.  

interthinx logo


Interthinx understands that loan quality and data integrity are the foundation of effective financial services risk mitigation.  

Hubspot logo


HubSpot is used as a custom CRM. Through sophisticated inbound marketing we are able to create high quality lead generation.  


4-1 Lightning Home Loan App (Point-of-Sale System)

GSF Mortgage’s secure mortgage point-of-sale portal provides a web-based access point for your borrowers to interact with their loan from application through clear-to-close. 

Borrowers can easily complete a loan application, upload supporting documentation, eSign disclosures, and monitor the status of their loan — in a single, easy-to-use location. 

The Lightning Home Loan Application will not only improve the customer experience, but also serve as the central location for process and document management needs. We make it simple for your borrowers to know exactly what is on their needs-list, and even easier to get it to you. 

Quickly collect accurate supporting documentation from your borrowers in a secure, centralized, digital environment – creating transparency for borrowers, origination teams, and agents. 

  • Consumer-friendly application experience 
  • Quick Mobile Access 
  • Secure document upload and review 
  • Seamlessly share financial information 
  • Time-saving process automation 
  • Collaboration and co-pilot abilities 

4-1Marketing & Business Development

We offer marketing that is built to fit your needs. GSF Mortgage has its own in-house marketing team that can customize a wide-range of marketing collateral to fit your needs. We understand that no two markets are the same and we can assist you in building something unique that fits your region. GSF Mortgage also provides one-on-one business development. We understand that each loan originator has their own approach and we will work with you to create a business and marketing plan that you will feel confident in implementing.





BBB A+ Accredited


Inc Hire Power

TWP_Milwaukee_2019_AW (002)





Zillow 5 Star lender


Mortgage Executive 50 best


Inc. 5000 - 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

USDA Platinum Million Dollar Lender - 2017 - 2011

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Top Workplaces - 2018 - 2014

National Mortgage Professional's top Mortgage Employers - 2015

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Best in Class - 2014 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Leadership

Mortgage Technology's Top Tech Savvy Lenders and Services 2013, 2012

Inc. Magazine Hire Power Award - 2013 

Mortgage Executive's 50 Best Companies to Work For 

BBB Rating A+ 

Zillow Lender 5-Star  

4-1 Communications


ThinkGSF is our internal portal where you can access important announcements, find documents including timesheets, PTO forms and review of compliance tutorials and webinars. Loan originators have a resource tab where they can find out in-depth information about loan programs, brokered business, bond and DBA programs and appraisal management. 

Think GSF provides one-step site access to: 

  • Daily rates 
  • Reports 
  • Help desk 
  • GFE calculators 
  • Underwriting scenarios
  • GSF Gear Store 

GSF Chatter

We use an internal social network to keep everyone posted on day-to-day information, important company announcements and marketing ideas. It is designed to encourage real-time conversations between team members across the country. It is a dynamic way to keep in touch. This helps us to reduce the number of company emails in your inbox.


4-1 Licensed States


Licensed States Map


Alabama (AL)

Arizona (AZ)

Arkansas (AR)

California (CA) 

Colorado (CO)

Delaware (DE)

District of Columbia (DC)

Florida (FL)

Georgia (GA)

Idaho (ID)

Illinois (IL)

Indiana (IN)

 Iowa (IA)

Kansas (KS)

Kentucky (KY)

Louisiana (LA)

Maine (ME)

Maryland (MD) 

Michigan (MI) 

Minnesota (MN)

Mississippi (MS)

Missouri (MO) 

New Jersey (NJ)

North Carolina (NC)

Ohio (OH)

Oklahoma (OK)

Oregon (OR)

Pennsylvania (PA)

South Carolina (SC) 

South Dakota (SD) 

Tennessee (TN) 

Texas (TX) 

Utah (UT)

Virginia (VA)

Washington (WA)

Wisconsin (WI) 


4-1 Benefits -  Medical | Dental | Vision | Life Insurance


Health - Anthem Blue Cross & BlueShield

The biggest name in business, this nationwide insurance coverage ensures that GSF employees can get physician and hospital access no matter where they are or where they plan to go.

Retirement - OneAmerica

It’s never too late or too early to start preparing for retirement. OneAmerica offers comprehensive retirement services, including access to full 401k retirement benefits as well as reliable resources.



Mortgage Industry Influencers Share Their Thoughts On GSF Mortgage







"I have been with GSF mortgage over 14 years. During that time, I have seen the company grow and change a lot. The true difference between GSF and other companies is that GSF embraces the change and are always in front of it. When other companies are scrambling to implement some compliance piece or bring on a new loan product, GSF has already implemented it, trained you on it and created a marketing strategy for it. It’s that kind of forward thinking and commitment to being better that has always put GSF ahead of the rest. I believe the successes are a direct result of working at GSF. They allowed me to create and implement my own marketing systems and strategies and have helped whenever needed. If you take all that, along with the best processors and underwriters in the industry, you have a perfect recipe for success. Hindsight is always 20/20 and it is not often you can look back and say, “ I wouldn’t have done that any differently”. Well, if I had to do it all over again, I would still have chosen GSF. To sum it up: If you’re thinking of making a move or starting a career….Go GSF!Remember:"

- Mike Cox, Branch Manager Since 2000

"I cannot imagine working with another group of individuals so committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. From processing and underwriting to closing and funding, the entire group consistently works together to guarantee timely and efficient closings. What may be the most important advantage to being a GSF manager/originator is the accessibility to our team. You can just as easily sit down with an underwriter as you can with the president of our company. This alone makes the sometimes difficult process of closing a loan much more manageable. And I can’t forget - our marketing department rocks!"

- Andy Newman, Branch Manager Since 1996

"Even though most of us are not located in the same state, everyone is just a call or email away from helping. I've work for the larger mortgage companies where you just feel like a number, at GSF your voice matters and everyone truly cares. The "customer first" attitude from our team is very refreshing. It's a culture that I'm proud to be apart of!"

- Jim Donovan, Loan Originator | St. Louis, MO

"I have worked for GSF Mortgage Corporation for 15 years and will continue to work for them as long as I am in the mortgage business. They take the time to listen to their workforce and continue to implement change where necessary to be sure we are all functioning at the top of our game. Our top management always have their sights many steps ahead, so we can be an innovative company ready for market changes. It all comes down to giving our customers a great smooth experience!" -

- Jennifer Butcher, Loan Originator | Dayton, MN