Can't find a house? Build One Instead ...

 Gain the confidence that comes with a Single Close Construction loan from GSF Mortgage. Have your loan approved in a single process. Find out how people like you are capitalizing on this easy program ...

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1. Builder Approval

Once your builder submits a few qualifying documents, GSF Mortgage will add them to the approved builder portfolio.


2. Contract Preparation

Your loan officer will work with the builder in order to determine what it will cost to build your home. A detailed list of costs will be provided showing what the purchase price will need to be set at based on the estimated time from closing to completion of the project.


3. Contract Signed

Once a purchase price is determined, you and your builder will provide a signed contract to GSF Mortgage and the loan approval process can begin.


4. GSF Mortgage Will Underwrite The Borrower's Credit Package

Your loan will be submitted to underwriting to approve the permanent portion of the loan before the construction begins. 


5. NCF Will Underwrite The Construction Project

Your loan will be submitted to the Draw Administrator to approve the construction portion of the loan. When all conditions for closing are cleared (other than the construction related conditions), the closing will be coordinated. 


6. Loan Closes

Once your loan has closed, the construction of your new home can begin! Because the permanent loan is closed on before construction begins, you will never have to worry about requalifying for another loan. You also will not have to make any payments during the construction of your home.

Building a home is a dream come true for many families and we want to ensure that the process is as seamless as possible for both the borrower and the builder.

GSF Mortgage is a Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Direct Lender as well as a Ginnie Mae Issuer. What this means to you is that we have direct access to nearly every mortgage product available to meet your needs.

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Chad Jampedro

President, GSF Mortgage Corporation