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Thank You, EMTs


It's more than a job for you, it's more than a loan for us.  Thank you for all you do. 

GSF is proud to acknowledge EMT’s (Emergency Medical Technicians) as part of our Serve & Support Benefit program.  EMT’s are our real life guardian angels. In a crisis, their expert knowledge and quick response time are quite literally often the difference between life and death. EMTs must perform at a peak physical and mental level under the most stressful of conditions. Whether it is assisting in a birth, being the first responders to an automobile accident, responding and assisting victims of crime and violence, or preventing those afflicted by sudden trauma or illness from further distress, we count on the expertise of the men and women in this profession to literally save our lives and the lives of our loved ones.  

We appreciate the sacrifice made in the stress of a job that is impossible to have a 100% success rate when lives are at stake. For those of us who have been personally aided by a trusted EMT in a time of need, there is a level of gratitude that can never be fully expressed. These everyday heroes are a blessing to our communities. GSF wishes to extend our gratitude to the EMTs of our community with the Serve & Support Benefit program.  We thank you for your service and appreciate your commitment.

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Program Details

GSF Mortgage is offering a .25% credit to be used towards closing costs, prepaid items or to lower your interest rate.

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Loan Amount: $200,000
Credit: .25%
$200,000 X 0.0025 = $500 Credit

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