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Thank You, Teachers


It's more than a job for you, it's more than a loan for us.

We at GSF would like to acknowledge teachers as part of our Serve & Support Benefit program. Teachers occupy a special and treasured space in the heart of our community. We appreciate the extra time and effort teachers routinely give to guiding and educating our children to become the responsible adults of tomorrow. Many of us here at GSF remember a special teacher from our personal experiences who forever changed our life and way of thinking and inspired us to new levels of success.

We recognize that a teacher’s duties rarely if ever end with the school day, and whether it be spending time helping a student after school, coaching an extracurricular activity, grading exams or papers, attending conferences, or so many other instances where teachers regularly go above and beyond the requirements of their jobs to enrich the lives of our youth.  

We are happy to accommodate your schedule. So whether you have time when the kids are out at recess, in the evening after coaching a soccer game, or on the weekend after grading all those exams, we are happy to meet or discuss with you the benefits of our special Serve & Support Benefit program. We thank you and appreciate your service.   

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Program Details

GSF Mortgage is offering a .25% credit to be used towards closing costs, prepaid items or to lower your interest rate.

See below for an example: 

Loan Amount: $200,000
Credit: .25%
$200,000 X 0.0025 = $500 Credit

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