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Thank You, Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Its more then a job for you, its more then a loan for us.  Thank you for all you do. 

GSF Mortgage is proud to acknowledge law enforcement personnel as part of our Serve & Support Benefit program. We recognize the sacrifices that law enforcement personnel make to keep our communities safe; often literally putting their lives on the line on a daily basis.  

We appreciate police officers, cornerstones of our local communities. Who keep our cities and towns safe.  As well as educating our children by visiting schools in numerous outreach programs. We appreciate corrections officers, who sacrifice personal safety to maintain our justice system.  We appreciate TSA agents, who keep our nation’s air travel functioning safely.  We appreciate our Federal law enforcement officials.  As well as customs agents, DNR officers, Air Marshalls, and so many others; we recognize the importance of all divisions of law enforcement to keep our communities safe and our lives and property defended.  

We are grateful for all you do and we are happy to provide you with a special deal under our Serve & Support Benefit program. We recognize that law enforcement personnel are rarely, if ever, truly off duty. We are happy to accommodate any schedule as we work with you to show our appreciation for your service.  

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Program Details

GSF Mortgage is offering a .25% credit to be used towards closing costs, prepaid items or to lower your interest rate.

See below for an example: 

Loan Amount: $200,000
Credit: .25%
$200,000 X 0.0025 = $500 Credit

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