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Licensed in: CO, MN, CA

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Jim Ahlin graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a major concentration in Management of Information Systems from California State University, Sacramento. Jim Ahlin became a web developer out of college. Then in 2004 he found his calling, real estate. He’s been actively involved in real estate investing and finance ever since.

Jim Ahlin has always been passionate about real estate and encouraging people towards home ownership. Since 2004 when Jim became a real estate agent and loan officer in California. He has been educating friends, clients and colleagues about the benefits of owning their own home. He applies this same passion to every deal.

Through the years, while Jim honed his craft, there was not a loan or property type Jim did not personally originate. He has specialized in investor deals, but also originated Jumbo, FHA and VA loans. Clients, Realtors, Financial Advisors and even other loan officers have come to rely on Jim to tackle complex loan situations with multiple tax return or income sources. Jim’s experience, education and training allow him to clearly see solutions others can’t. This has become more important than ever since 2008 with stated-income loans a part of the past.

Now you can worry about what’s most important in your life and put your faith and trust in Jim to help you with what may be your biggest investment.

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We offer many different loan types. Feel free to read about the options available for you and please contact me if you have any questions. I'm happy to help you.

Customer Testimonials

Centennial, CO refinance customer says Jim is professional and informative!

Jim Ahlin - Loan Originator "I was referred to Jim by a trusted colleague so I already had high expectations. Jim's professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the industry greatly exceeded these expectations, as he was able to call on his experience to work out any problems and provide me with a great deal with our refinance. He kept me informed every step of the way and offered sound suggestions on how to achieve our goal. I have recommended Jim to everyone I know!"

Denver area real estate broker says Jim is thoughtful and persistent!

Jim Ahlin - Loan Originator "I'm a real estate broker and I'm happy when my clients choose to work with Jim because I know he's going to work hard to get them into the right loan program for their needs. Lending isn't easy these days but Jim will think through the whole deal and be diligent about getting his clients approved. He knows their loan is very important to them and he'll do everything he can to help his clients. I feel comfortable working with Jim and I know he's gonna follow through."

Windsor, CO purchase customer says Jim's commonsense approach made their life easy.

Jim Ahlin - Loan Originator "My fiancé and I had what we thought to be one of the most difficult loan applications when we went to purchase our home together.(i.e. two separate homes in two different states we needed to sell, multiple forms of incomes and investments, and a major deadline) Jim made the process seamless by handling our deal with ease, and not letting us feel any of the pressure. He is not only professional and experienced, but his common sense approach and knowledge of the loan process made our life easy in a not so easy situation."

Parker, CO purchase customer says Jim is knowledgeable and courteous!

Jim Ahlin - Loan Originator "Jim has done a lot for me and our organization. Our buyers love him, as he is always very knowledgeable and courteous. I would recommend Jim to anyone."