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GSF Mortgage Corporation's Single Close Construction product delivers on the comfort of knowing you'll get to the finish line every time.

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Thank you for your interest in our Single Close Construction product. GSF Mortgage Corporation offers consumers several options for a Single Close Construction loan, including:

  • FHA up to 96.5% LTV
  • USDA up to 100%
  • VA up to 100% or per eligibility
  • Conventional up to 95% LTV

If you are interested in offering this product in your market we would love to hear from you. Please contact us using the form on this page and schedule a time to learn more about our Single Close Construction product.


  • The loan is made to the borrower for total cost of project; so you know exactly how much they have to work with
  • Since the loan is made to the borrower, the time needed by builder to secure interim financing is eliminated
  • At the loan closing the lot is paid through loan proceeds, builder is able to have a soft draw, and realtors receive their commission
  • Once the construction loan has closed, the property and the project is the borrower's financial responsibility
  • We offer a 5 to 7 business day turnaround on disbursement (draw) requests
  • The funds are released based on percent completed, eliminating the builder having to wait
  • Once a builder is eligible to provide our single close construction product an annual review will be conducted with the builder

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Certainty of funding through completion. GSF Mortgage Corp. assumes all risk and will fund through completion of the residence, regardless of the borrower's future credit status.
Lower down payment programs are available. GSF Mortgage Corp. offers high LTV loans. Up to 100% for USDA and VA if eligible and 96.5% for FHA. Conventional loans are eligible up to 95%.
Builder determines the loan amount. Minimizes or eliminates builder capital need versus a bank loan. No limit on the number of homes financed.
Builder eligibility is based on experience. GSF Mortgage Corp. is a direct lender who determines builder eligibility standards and approves budgets
Draw process is handled internally. Up to 5 draws are standard and funding is approved with 5 business day.